Because I am not the type of person someone falls in love with

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Bolero (MR Removed) - DBSK

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DBSK - Bolero (MR Removed)

I didn’t know perfection until I heard DBSK sing. [x]

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❝ Before, when we were working together Yunho experienced dehydration. Yunho-ya, have you been well? I’ve been well. It’s your first period drama, it must have been hard. Since you’re lacking in time, you must have been doing everything fast, even the CGs, so you must have practiced the action moves pretty well. So please take care of your health, drink lots of water. It’s good to work hard but you should also think about your health. ❞

Jaejoong when the reporter told him that Yunho sent a message about how nice it is to see him work hard.

Credit: @sehunownsme

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J Y J - Magazine

inspired (x)(x)

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