Because I am not the type of person someone falls in love with

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pink/green jaejoong for nathy

congratulations for reaching 12k followers! the dbsk blog of all dbsk blogs and a sweet & friendly person who never hesitates to help people into the cassie family 

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DBSK Week Day 1 : Your bias → 김재중

What are your favorite words?

Light’ and ‘Heaven’. Both of them feel bright, but then they can also be used as a dark meaning.

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❝ Even till we have to go our separate ways, the name TVXQ will not disappear. Each member is still TVXQ. ❞
—   Jung Yunho. (via back-to-five)   —
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I think everyone, no matter who they are, fights with loneliness and has troubles on his or her mind that are hard to bear. There must be a heavy burden that only I can bear as we live life. But that doesn’t depend on whether or not the environment that one lives in is good or bad, I think it’s pain that everyone experiences and has. In that sense, there are often times when I have troubles on my mind and when I’m sad. The way I overcome it all is to love the world I’m living in right now and my work, and I gain strength from valuing my loving members and family. And of course, I gain strength from our fans as well. I try to live every day feeling thankful for what I have.

—My Bias: Kim Jaejoong

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